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Kavey, on 30/6/2007 09:26am


We are simply a family recipe website and do not send out information by email.

You can use our recommended supplier in UK (check under Advice link). Otherwise you will need to find your own source of supplies in your area.


AskCy, on 30/6/2007 05:47pm


I was looking for "Durum wheat" a while back for a bread recipe I was trying to re-create. I looked in several shops and then finally (and purely by accident) I was in a Turkish grocers and looking at all the flours, and spotted "semolina" which on reading is one and the same. So maybe you will find "durum wheat" listed where "semolina" isn't.


Mamta, on 30/6/2007 08:41pm

Sana, you can buy fine semolina from some supermarkets and most Indian grocers.


sana, on 4/7/2007 02:53pm

thanks for your reply.i have made gol gappa. it was good.but gappas was not crispy after cooking of 1 hr.even i after frying i put on newspaper for extra oil. please tell me how can i keep it remain crispy.

Mamta, on 4/7/2007 03:11pm

To make gole-gappas crisp, you have to fry them on low heat. It is a great temptation to make them cook fast, which makes them into poories, instead of crisp golegappas. It is like making matharias, slower you cook them, crisper they remain when cold.


Sania, on 5/7/2007 07:59am


i want to know the recipe of Rus malai. i have search it but could not find it.

please tell me..

AskCy, on 5/7/2007 05:34pm

Sania there is a recipe listed Rasmalai, which is a dinner sweet made with paneer, would it be this you want?


( in case the link doesn't work, copy this into your browser )


Sania, on 7/7/2007 05:31am

I have cooked Rus Malai but there is one problem found. the balls was not cooked from inside. means kachay thay. i.e half cooked. i have cooked the balls on medium heat for 10 mins. but no positive result found. anyway thanks for ur recipe. most of time i have heard from people these ball can make from paneer. is it possible??.

Mamta, on 7/7/2007 08:15am

I can't understand why your rasmalaies were not cooked and tasted 'kachcha'! There is only egg and milk powder in them and 8 minutes is plenty of time to cook!

I have written and added the traditional rasmalai recipe for you today, for what it is worth. I have never met anyone who makes them, and rasgullas, like mithai wallas, and they never divulge their recipe! You can try it, tweak it and let me know how it works. If you can make them really soft, come back and tell me how, I will transfer the recipe to your name :-)!


Sania, on 7/7/2007 08:30am

i have also tried through paneer . but my paneer was mixed in the hot water. how it can become double in size. because we have not add the baking powder.

as i told u before i have tried the rusmalai many many times from powdered milk, and as well as through paneer. could you suggest me the company name of powered milk, i used Nestle Nido Milk. can u suggest me anyother.

is it possible without adding baking powder balls can cook doubled in sugar syrup.i will be very thankful to u . if u give me original recipe.

Mamta, on 7/7/2007 01:17pm

Well, the milk powder I use is either Nestles or stores own brand, whichever I happen to have. Milk ones come out reasonably well. As I told you, I have never been able to make them well with Paneer. They are okay, soft, but never as good as shop ones.

They do swell up to almost double in size, but the trick, I have been told, is to stop boiling them further as soon as they do.

You can add a pich of baking powder, but most people don't. I have tried adding a tsp. semolina or plain white flour, nothing really gives the shop like results. For now, I am not trying any more recipes, unless I can persuade a sweet maker in India to show' me how to make them. My next trips is in October, I will try then.

Sorry, can't help more!


AskCy, on 7/7/2007 05:47pm

Are you making them bigger or thicker than the time works for?


Askcy, on 1/10/2008 08:44pm

Sana (and all) I've deleted the first post asking for information as you had posted your email address which is highly likely to get you lots of spam emails if picked up by internet bots !


Cindy, on 22/7/2009 04:56pm

Is it possible to make gappe with just durum atta and water to fry intead of sooji [semolina]?

Mamta, on 22/7/2009 10:03pm

Yes it is. Semolina ones are just better, more crisp, but many people make gole gappas from wheat flour (white flour ot maida).


Lapi, on 23/7/2009 11:28am

I believe semolina is just a particuar grain size of durum wheat, the hard wheat used for making pasta and cous cous. In southern India it is also known as rava.

Mamta, on 23/7/2009 01:14pm

Yes indeed Lapis.

The plain flour gives gole gappas a slightly less crumbly texture. I prefer the semolina ones.


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