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Carolineh, on 30/4/2006 07:22pm

Please could you tell me how to access the photographs?

Ch, on 30/4/2006 07:29pm

Sorry - just found them with the recipes - was expecting to find them in "gallery" form not at the side of the the recipe.

Kavey, on 30/4/2006 10:44pm

If you want to see a list of all recipes with photos, when you are at the search page, there is a tick box to ONLY find recipes with pictures - just leave the keyword box blank and tick that and click Go!

AskCy, on 1/5/2006 10:40am

Maybe a gallery wouldn't be a bad idea.. so people could look through the pictures and if something took their fancy, a simple click would take them to the recipe.

(I know there are only so many days in the year and things are busy so its just another suggestion.)

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