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sia, on 24/4/2006 07:31pm

hi mamta....

i was just going thru the ingredients section in th tips area....i'm a little confused...cause i thought that nutmeg was called jaiphal in hindi...and actually mace is javitri....but it was the other way round here

please correct me if i'm wrong

AskCy, on 24/4/2006 08:08pm

A lot of sites I've just looked at don't seem to say which is which.. Just giving one or other of the names you mention and saying that its "mace & nutmeg" so doesn't help..sorry

Mamta, on 24/4/2006 09:34pm

You are absolutely right. Nutmeg is Jaiphal, the hard, oval, seed kernel or nut.

Mace is Javitri, the dried fibrous covering of the fruit.

I just looked at the glossary and that is what it says. It is possible that my daughter Kavey spotted your posting before me and corrected it. Thank you anyway.


Kavey, on 24/4/2006 09:39pm

Nope neither Pete nor I have changed anything in glossary for months.

Kavey, on 24/4/2006 09:41pm

Or in any recipes either...

Ganders, on 24/4/2006 11:50pm

Ahh no, I see what you mean.

It was set up correctly in the glossary, but in the 'Ingredients' section of Tips ( here ) it was the wrong way around.

Probably a transcription error on my part - fixed now!

Kavey, on 24/4/2006 11:52pm

We have an ingredients section in tips that's separate from the glossary? Oops - didn't remember that!

sia, on 25/4/2006 10:06pm

hi, mamta

thanks for clearing it out....there was a lot of contradiction within our group of friends....i was right LOL

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