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Angie, on 19/4/2006 10:51pm

Hi. I've got a large bag of chapatti flour with a sell by date of May 2006. I don't think I'll get round to using it all by then and was wondering if I could use it for anything other than just chapatties, or maybe not, with it being a specialist flour. Could I use it for general baking other than Asian foods?

Mamta, on 20/4/2006 10:01am

There are no recipe that will use a whole bag of chapatti flour. You can make a lot of chapatties and freeze them, they freeze quite well. Or, you can share the flour with your Indian friends.


Angie, on 20/4/2006 04:52pm

I didn't think to freeze them. Looks like I'll be busy in the kitchen this weekend then. Thanks, Mamta. By the way, I really like the website. The recipes that I've tried have turned out well. Keep up the good work!

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