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Kavey, on 18/4/2006 09:55pm

Pete and I have uploaded about 20 new photos... more to come when we can...

Ganders, on 19/4/2006 12:18pm

...and after some further fiddling, we've even managed to attach the new photographs to the correct recipes!

Pete the Fumbling-Fingered Webmaster

Mamta, on 19/4/2006 12:47pm

Can't let you take the blame Pete, I put incorrect code numbers on some of the pictures I sent you.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, I will get better, promise!


AskCy, on 19/4/2006 05:37pm

Its a pity that there isn't a "search for recipes with pictures" link...

some people like to know what something should look like before making it.. so they know they are on the right track when following the recipe...

Mamta, on 19/4/2006 05:51pm

There is. The search window has a "Only recipes with photos", just under the search window.


AskCy, on 19/4/2006 08:40pm

So it does ! how long has that been an option?

Ganders, on 19/4/2006 11:24pm

A very long time - probably not far off since we added pictures :-)

Hmm, we should probably make it more obvious or something...

Kavey, on 20/4/2006 11:14am

Yeah I got Pete to code that in at the time we put the very first pictures up!

AskCy, on 21/4/2006 07:56pm


I think you kind of ignore it as one of the types of "main, Starter," type headings and don't realise that its something rather different..

Kavey, on 21/4/2006 10:13pm

We'll rethink the layout! :o)

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