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Darren, on 18/4/2006 02:31pm

Are they just different names for the same thing?

Mamta, on 18/4/2006 03:51pm

Yes Darren, in some parts of India, samosa is called Singara,

Singhara is actually a type of water chestnut that grows in ponds in India. It is traingular in shape, not unlike samosa. That is probably why some people call samosa singharas.

As waterchestnut, Singhara is quite delicious, crisp and milky. It can also be stir-fied into a bhaji. Flour made from mature singharas is used to makes various Indian breads and sweets, when people do not want to eat wheat and other cereals. I have only one recipe for it so far Singhara Halwa


Mamta, on 19/4/2006 09:54am

Here is a picture of Singhara plant and it's fruit:

This what the ponds where it grows look like:

When tender, the fruit is delicious raw. But matur fruit can be boiled and eeaten or made into a bhaji, just like potatoes.

Cooked (boiled) fruit


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