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AskCy, on 9/4/2006 02:46pm

Just noticed that the tips link while having some great information about weight conversions and ingredients used.. it doesn't have "tips" like "put onions in the fridge to make them easier to cut finely and cause less tears"..or.."when trying to add a spice you've missed its better to mix it into a seperate paste and then add it, rather than just sprinkling it in"..

are there any plans for this sort of thing or maybe people have their own very good tips that they might want to share?

anyone know what gets Turmeric out of a white cloth?

Mamta, on 9/4/2006 04:17pm

A very good idea Steven, but depends how much we can out on one site. I will leave it to Kavey to answer this one! Visitor's Tips might be worth it, let's see what they say. I have no computer skills to do things like that!


AskCy, on 9/4/2006 09:48pm

no problems, I'm sure there will be some fantastic tips out there...

Things we do without thinking that others might not know about...

I use something called "garlic soap" when peeling onions or garlic, you simply wash your hands with it to remove the smell (you know how the onion smell can soak into your skin and still be there days later). The thing itself isn't actually soap its just shaped like a bar of soap and is made from what appears to be stainless steel (brushed finish so its dull not shiny). I don't know what it does but it stops the smell (and it doesn't end up smelling itself).

If you open a tin of coconut milk (we buy a light version in a can similar to the sort you get baked beans in) and don't use it all, put the rest in a freezer bag and freeze it. This means when you want to use it you can simply throw it into the soup/curry etc and it will melt with the heat.

Left over corriander freezes well if washed,chopped and submerged in water.

I'm sure people will have much more to add...

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