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Andrew, on 8/4/2022 10:36pm

Hi Mamta, have you ever tried growing bitter gourd outside in the UK? I've just bought some seeds for it and will be giving it a try this year.

Mamta, on 9/4/2022 06:08am

Hello Andrew

Karela, Bitter Gourd, grows in the intense summer heat in northern India, 40-45C. My father used to grow it in his garden. I would be surprised if it dies well outside in UK outside a greenhouse. But since you have already got seeds, you might as well try growing them in a south facing, well drained soil. Please do bear in mind that I am not a gardener, just someone who has live of gardening.

Good luck


Andrew, on 21/4/2022 12:10am

It will be interesting to see how they do. I sowed six seeds last week and three have germinated thus far. I'm hoping to grow four plants, two in containers and two in the ground. I'll let you know how they get on. Your recipe for bitter gourd bhaji with tamarind is still the best I've ever tried.

Rohan, on 27/11/2022 04:46am

Andrew, did you have any luck with your bitter gourd seeds?

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