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Martin, on 7/4/2022 06:57pm

The mango season for Alphonso and similar mangoes is upon us. Have you any suggestions for recipes that use these mangoes to their best advantage?


Mamta, on 8/4/2022 06:52am

Hello Martin

Here are a few on this website:

Kulfi Indian Ice-cream - 4 With Mango

Mango Mousse

Srikhand Sweet Yoghurt with Mango

Mango Milk Shake

Lassi 4, A Sweet Yoghurt drink with Seasonal Fruits

Green, unripe mangoes are also in season. Try this delicious North Indian recipe with them. It is sweet and sour and delicious:

Mango Amras or Panna, A Sweet & Sour Side Dish or Soup

I often forget to take photos of things I make. Also, I stopped eating mangoes a few years ago, so make them much less often these days. If you make any of these, I would love to have some pictures to post on these recipes, with credit to you.

Enjoy the mango season! Also, don’t forget that Alphonso is only one mango from Mumbai (Bombay) region. There are many more delicious varieties that come from north India and Pakistan . These are some that I am familiar with :

Amrapali ( my sister has one tree in her garden in Lucknow and she gets 70-80 kg every year. She is always sending parcels to family in India.



Dussehri from Lucknow region. My favourite, because I come from that region.


Kesar (saffron)







And then there are small, end of the season, ‘sucking’ mangoes towards the end of the season. They are very fibrous, can’t be sliced. You have to soften the pulp by pummelling the flesh gently, cut a hole at the top and suck the juice out- delicious!



Martin, on 21/5/2023 06:04pm

Thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll certainly try a couple of them.


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