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Deeps, on 30/8/2020 02:42pm

My way to store unwashed coriander leaves for long is to chop off roots & muddied ends, remove decayed leaves, hard stalk ends & unwanted stuff. Then take a two fold newspaper, place the bunch on one corner & roll it into a cylinder & folds the ends to center & place it in an aluminum bag (like the one's we get curries home delivered by restaurants or wraps of snacks like lays chips) & seal off the bag with plastic seal clips. They last almost a week thus.

Mamta, on 20/9/2020 06:12am

I missed this tip! That is great, coriander leaves go off fairly quickly generally. Anything that prolongs their life it great. Thank you. Any tip that makes life easier in the kitchen is always welcome, thanks.

Since I have discovered the jar method, I store most things that can fit in one, in jars. Wash, dry on a towel until all water has evaporated and keep in jar in the fridge.

They also last well if washed, dried (only water is dried off) and wrapped in an old T-shirt. Old T-shirts are never thrown away in my house, they are excellent for wrapping all sorts of vegetables and fruit and for cleaning the house. Just cut the front and back into neat squares.


Kasurimethi, on 11/10/2020 04:27pm

Wash in a few changes of water, shake off water then air-dry very thoroughly. Layer in a plastic airtight box with kitchen towel. If tjhe coriander is fresh to begin with it easily lasts three weeks.

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