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terry hickingbot, on 19/6/2020 10:26pm

The recipe calls for 2 cups of yogurt (500 ml,) that seems a lot of yogurt, so after marinading do you use all of this in the cooking process & if so how does the meat brown.

Any ideas

Mamta, on 19/6/2020 10:44pm

Hello Terry

Long time no see!

I assume you are looking at lamb curry do pyaza-2? Two cups of yoghurt is not too much, because you are not adding any tomatoes here. It will give the curry the right taste and creaminess.Hello to Your lovely wife. Keep well.


Thanks Mamta, gr, on 20/6/2020 08:51am

Thanks Mamta, great to here from you again, please also give our regards to Rakesh. (hope I have spelt that right).The Wildfoods messageboard has closed due to technical difficulties so I am now on the link below, there will be lots of names you will know.

The question I asked came from there as it caused a big discussion as to the amount of yogurt in the recipe,I will post your reply on there.

It would be great to see you on there & you would be a great asset. please give it some though & hopefully we will see you on there.

Kind regards

Terry & Ann

Mamta, on 20/6/2020 11:09am

Thanks for this Terry. I tried the Sakkarin's old boards a few times, but could get anywhere, so stopped. I have slowed down a lot now, so have less time too. Anyway, nice to hear from you.

I have sent a registration request, lets see what happens.

best wishes


terry hickingbot, on 20/6/2020 01:18pm

Hi Mamta, I checked the members on the Foodie Feedback site & you are already listed,so you should be able to log straight in, I found it a little difficult to navigate at first, but I know there lots of members would be delighted to hear from you again, as usual your ID is simply mamta.



Mamta, on 20/6/2020 03:24pm

Nope, can’t get in. I can see lots of things but nothing like a discussion forums/ where people are posting now?


terry hickingbot, on 20/6/2020 07:14pm

Hi Mamta gillthepainter has reset your password on foodie website& says she will email you as well, hope this will resolve it,


, on 20/6/2020 09:40pm

Thanks Trrry

Yes Gill did email me. I will try to log in on the main computer tomorrow, mobile if a bit fiddly. Many Thanks.


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