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Jay, on 19/4/2020 06:35pm

Hi All,

Great site, I am after some curry leaf tree seeds, to grow my own. I have tried ebay and alas the purchase didn't work out...…. Does any one know of a reputable source for these? Many thanks in advance.


Mamta, on 20/4/2020 07:01am

Dear Jay

Curry leave seeds/stones rarely work. My understanding is that they have to germinate very soon after they fall. If you know someone who has a tree/plant, a softwood cutting from them has a better chance.


Jay, on 21/4/2020 08:09am

Thanks, Good advice...… Now to find someone willing to send a cutting, I live in the depths of Devon, and I don't know of anyone with a plant.

Best regards,


spangle, on 16/5/2020 12:24pm

Hi Jay

If you're unable to find a cutting for free, the Citrus Centre normally sell curry leaf plants, although I've just had a look and they're currently out of stock - everyone seems to be getting into growing and cooking during lockdown!

I bought a small one from them for a friend a while ago and it's doing well (though nowhere near big enough for cuttings!)

This is the link, but don't know when they'll be back in stock:

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