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(unknown), on 25/6/2019 06:00pm

Hello Mamta

Thank you for the wonderful website!

I plan to make your Lamb Saag recipe in my slow cooker ahead of a camping trip to be reheated when there. I'm using 1kg lamb... the recipe is for 500g. This may seem reaaaallly obvious but should I straight up double the quantity for every ingredient?

Also, I'm intending to let it rest and develop for a couple of days in the fridge - is this unwise for any reason?

Many thanks.


Mamta, on 28/6/2019 07:05am

Hello Nikki

For small amount like a kilo, simply doubling should be fine. Cook the curry paste first and taste it before adding the meat.

Although I have cooked meats a day before needed, I am not sure that longer will necessarily make a difference. Remember that it will have to travel too. I have always worried about storing things in the fridge for too long, but the honest answer is that I don't know if curries get better after a few days.

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