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Russell, on 22/4/2019 05:10am

Hello. I was very happy to come across your recipe for "Basic Curry Sauce 4, With No Onions Or Garlic", because I find onion and garlic very hard to digest but I love curries.

Just wondering if you have some suggestions for how to adapt this sauce to replicate various dishes? Rogan Josh (Indiant restaurant style) would be a great start, because the kids already know they like Rogan Josh.

Also while I have you, is this sauce suitable for slow cooking for long periods? I would like to make it with venison that may require hours of cooking (or a shorter period of pressure cooking) to become tender. Perhaps I could add water to the sauce to make it cover the meat, then reduce it when the meat is nearly cooked? Or if necessary I could cook it separately then stir into the sauce when done.

Once again thank you for a wonderful helpful website.

Mamta, on 23/4/2019 05:42pm

Hello Russell

I am glad you like my website and the recipes on it. You have asked an interesting question! You may be surprised to hear that a large number of people in India do not eat onions or garlic in shape or form, both of which are considered Tamsic or harmful foods according to Ayurveda. Even a generation ago, in my mum’s kitchen, onion in curries and dals was a rarity, not the norm. Garlic never bought/eaten in our house. You can make perfectly good curries without them.

If you type Onion +free +curry in mamtaskitchen search window, you will get many recipes without onions.

For example in Rogan Josh, simply omit the onions, increase the ginger slightly and carry on as normal, both for the marinade and the curry sauce. Where it says fry the onions, simpky add ginger and fry only for a few seconds and then carry on with the rest of the steps.

You asked of this sauce suitable for slow cooking for long periods? Yes, it would be. I* often make curries in slow cooker, where I don’t even fry onions (ginger and tomatoes in your case). Simply add everything to slow cooker and switch it on. Again, type in the search window; slow +cooker +lamb

You generally get a quicker reply from me if you ask your question here too;

Russell Edwards, on 24/4/2019 01:57am

Thank you. Many other recipes for Rogan Josh or any indian restaurant style curry has so much onion, if you take it away there will be nothing to the sauce! But yours looks like it will go well, and now I have many more onion free recipes to try. Thanks again. ðŸ™

Mamta, on 24/4/2019 06:09am

You are most welcome :)


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