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Bridget Harris, on 4/2/2019 01:23pm

I want to cook an Indian aubergine dish that will freeze well for my niece who has recently had a baby.I am also going to make her a chicken curry and then portion both up so she can have some easy suppers from the freezer. Could you recommend aubergine dishes that you think will freeze well please. Many thanks

Mamta, on 5/2/2019 10:15am

Hello Bridget

That is so kind and thoughtful of you :).

Aubergine dishes freeze well on the whole, especially the ones made as a mash. As it is one of my favourite vegetables, there are several recipes on my website. Any of these will work;

Aubergine Bhaji, South Indian

Aubergine Do Pyaza, A Bhaji

Aubergine Mash 1 - Traditional North Indian

Aubergine Mash 2 - With Garlic

Aubergine Mash 3 - Onion Free

Aubergine Mash 4 - Mediterranean Style

Aubergine Mash 5 - With Mooli White Radish

Aubergine Mash 6 - Chokha From Bihar

Aubergine Mash 8 - Easy Method

Any chicken curry will freeze, but make sure that you do not overcook it. Otherwise, it disintigrates when defrosted and reheated properly. Here are some of the recipes I have on this website;

Chicken Curry Bengali

Chicken Curry Bhuna

Chicken Curry from Afghanistan

Chicken Curry from Sri Lanka

Chicken Curry Khada Masala, Slow Cooked with Whole Spices

Chicken Curry Marinated In Tandoori Mix

Chicken Curry with Cinnamon

Chicken Jalfrezi - A Curry with Tomatoes and Capsicum)

Chicken Madras Curry

Chicken Methi (Fenugreek Leaves) Curry - 1

Rice pilaf also freeze well, but make sure that it is cooled quickly, portioned and frozen. Rice that is left around, can cause stomach upsets easily.

Good luck and best wishes.

Bridget Harris, on 5/2/2019 10:22am

How good of you to reply Mamta. Very many thanks for the advice and encouragement. I love your recipes.

Best wishes


, on 5/2/2019 04:56pm

You are most welcome 🙂


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