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Sue, on 3/12/2018 09:12am

We have just returned from a trip to Rajasthan and fallen in love with desert beans. Despite much searching, we have been unable to locate ker sangri in the UK, does anyone have any idea of where I might find it online or in a store, please.

Mamta, on 4/12/2018 10:47am

Hello Sue

It is unlikely that you will find it outside India. It isn't even available in other states of India. It is a berry tree that only grows in Rajasthan. It is available in Rajasthan in dried form, but I am not sure if you will be allowed to bring it over.


Sue, on 4/12/2018 11:13am

Hi, Mamta

Thanks for your reply. That's really sad, but probably menas we'll have to go back to Rajasthan......... :-)


Mamta, on 5/12/2018 06:38am

Rajasthan is a beautiful place. I spent many years of my adolescence there, in a lovely boarding school, a million years ago :). My SIL lives in Jaipur, so I go there every time I go to India.


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