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Lj, on 15/11/2018 06:10am

Dear mamta.

British Indian restaurant curry chefs use a particular aluminum pan to make their curries.

It's not straight sided.

Can you please send me a link where to purchase one?

Thank you so much. Lj

Mamta, on 15/11/2018 07:25am

Hello Lj

Are you talking about a karahi, the Indian wok like pan? Look here;

Helen Bach, on 24/11/2018 09:53pm

I would suggest they may use something smaller, called a chef's pan. Here>

In UK 'Indian' restaurants and takeaways, it is usual for the cook to prepare many single portion meals, albeit from the same general 'stock pot', rather several portions of the same dish.

A word of caution, it has been suggested that aluminium may have a causal link with Alzheimer’s disease, So I suggest you look at other materials. Stainless steel is OK, but has a poor heat transfer, and tin coated copper (the best from a heat conduction point of view) is a little expensive! Mild steel pan (and handle) means you can put it in the oven, if you need to.


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