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Rory, on 9/10/2018 11:52am

Hi Mamta,

I absolutely love your recipes, and use them a lot! Especially the dal recipes. My favourite is dal (urid chilka, chana and mung) with spinach and a tarka with onions and tomato and lots of garlic. I've lived off this and chapatis for the last year whilst at university, mainly because I cannot afford anything else.

I was wondering what other budget meals you can think of? I sometimes make a chickpea curry (though I rarely remember to soak the chickpeas the night before).

Many thanks,


Mamta, on 9/10/2018 06:37pm

Hello Rory

I remember those days well.

My first salary as a junior doctor on India was Rs 165 per month,vwhich is roughly £2 in today's currency. Fortunately for me, I lived and ate at home, which was about 20 minutes walk from college.

The best thing is to get the main ingredient that you can afford and then look for a recipe. I am sure you know that if you go to supermarket late, you get bargains. Tins are cheaper near there sell by date and most things, not all, are fine after their 'best before' date. There are always cheaper cuts of meats and fish. A slow cooker is a boon for such cuts and dals ( not kidney beans). Chickpea tins are cheaper at Indian grocers, around 4 for a pound.

Use things you would normally throw away. For example, I make a vegetarian dish from cauliflower leaves and stalks, beetroot leaves, turnip leaves and so on.

Ask questions on mamtaskitchen Facebook page, there are others there who may be able to give suggestions. There are a few other mamtaskitchen FB pages too, so be sure to get the right one. I am there most days.

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