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Martin, on 1/9/2018 08:05pm

Hi Mamta,

In your recipe Bhakarvadi Spicy Short Crust Pastry Rolls you mention Khus-Khus. I've read about an Ayervedic drink based on Khus (which appears to be a tufted grass?) and appears to be extremeley good for you. Are these 2 the same and if so, can you get it in the UK?

Kind Regards,

Love to the family,


Mamta, on 3/9/2018 06:56pm

Khus Khus is the Hindi name for poppy seeds, available from Good Indian grocers. It is used in small amounts.

Martin, on 23/9/2018 06:24pm

Hi Mamta, It turns out the Khus that gained my interest is also known as Vetiver. Is that known to you?


Mamta, on 25/9/2018 06:54am

Hello Martin

The only Khus Grass I am familiar with is the one that was used to make grass screens for water cooler for summer in my parents house. This was pre-air-conditioners:

They were fitted to one window in a box contarption, with a table fan placed inside it. A water pipe/pump slowly circulated/dripped the water over the grass screens from the top, on three sides of the box, keeping them wet. The water collected in a tray at the base and was recirculated. They were very effective, cooled two connecting rooms. The smell from this grass in the first few weeks of summer was lovely, soothing. They only worked in summer, not once the rainy, muggy season started.

If you look for Khas Ki Tatti on internet, you may find some references to it.

Khus is also made into perfume, it is very earthy, my dad used to love it.

The word Khus-Khus is however used to mean poppy seeds, that are used in cooking.

Helen Bach, on 30/9/2018 12:10pm

the Indian poppy seeds are off white, not the blue kind known in the west.

the grass referred to may be lemon grass! (same family as vetiver) but much better flavour.

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