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SteveAUS, on 30/8/2018 05:09am

Hi Mamta

A few years ago on here you mentioned that you drink a turmeric milk drink. Do you have a recipe for what you do? I've recently (maybe the past 3 weeks) been making a cup of milk (cold) with about a quarter a teaspoon of turmeric stirred in. I have it once a day in the morning. Its very nice though I might start giving it a sprinkle of peppere!! I have noticed that even in this short time my knees are no longer sore and aching. Its great.

Also a few years ago I used to have trouble sleeping so I would make up a mix similar to garam masala and make a drink of milk with that at night. It used to knock me out!!!! Im sure you gave me a recipe on your site maybe three years ago? We have chatted previously about you adding an ayurveda section to the site.

I should have really just done a search for "drink" but ive already typed all this in! I will go and do a search now.



P.S. When are you doing to start your own youtube channel? "Cooking with Mamta"

SteveAUS, on 30/8/2018 05:13am

I knew I should have done a search first:

I'll skip the yellow face mask though LOL



Mamta, on 31/8/2018 07:36am

LOL! Your post made me smile :)! I am glad you found what you were looking for.

I am too old now to start anything complicated. I can barely take half decent pictures for the recipes here, let alone movies for YouTube. Too many things to do, too little time! As I get older, days get shorter, may be I get slower :) :)

I had plans to put a home/Ayurvedic medicine section here a few years ago. It is typed and saved somewhere on my computer, but I never got around to posting it. I might do it, if I can get around to it and don't forget.

Nice to hear from you anyway. Take care and keep cooking :)


Johnny C, on 17/9/2018 04:48pm

Interesting, I put turmeric into cooking whenever I can but my wife doesn't always appreciate it. I got some turmeric matcha powder, to make tea. the instructions said to use milk but I didn't have any so I tried it with hot water, it was vile. I'll try it with milk tonight and perhaps a little salt.

Mamta, on 17/9/2018 08:40pm

I usually have it in hot milk, with a little sugar or honey.

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