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ananta, on 1/7/2018 07:18pm

Hi. I read the post on making butter from yogurt. I'm seeking clarification because it says it's made from collecting the cream from boiled milk as it cools and making butter from that. Also, when you turn the milk into yogurt, do you then heat the yogurt and take collect cream from that to then make butter. Or are you churning the whole pot of yogurt?

Mamta, on 2/7/2018 06:54am

Hello Adanta

I have edited the recipe a little to make it clearer. Making butter from Malai or the thick skin that forms on the milk when it is boiled and chilled, is much easier. My family in India collect this every day until they have a decent sized bowl full and then just churn it as shown in pictures.

Ananta, on 2/7/2018 06:24pm

Hi. Thanks for the reply. If you make or have full cream yogurt, can you then make butter from that?

Mamta, on 3/7/2018 06:24am

You can, but it takes too long to churn it. If you live in UK, it is much easier to make it from double cream.

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