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wilsonz, on 23/6/2018 09:47am

Hello, I have a problem with an ulcer at the moment and have been told to not eat "spicy" food. I am wondering if you can suggest a nice tasty curry without too much spice, as it is now six weeks since I have had any spicy food. I can only open my spice cupboard and have a good smell these days. Any help would be very welcome, thanks.

Mamta, on 24/6/2018 09:49am

Hello wilnoz

I am sorry to hear about your troubles :(!

Only spices that are hot and troublesome are the 'hot' spices, like chillies, black pepper and garam masala, and perhaps clove to a certain extent. You can make a perfectly good curry without them.

Use only cinnamon, bay leaf and cardamoms for GM. For 'tempering', use cumin/mustard seeds/fenugreek seeds, these are is still okay.

Turmeric is actually a healing spice, so good for you.

Coriander is a cool spice.

You should be fine. Hope your treatment succeeds and your ulcer heals quickly.

Best wishes.


wilsonz, on 24/6/2018 11:38am

Thanks for that Mamta, I think I probably knew that so will try a Chicken dish with cumin, coriander, turmeric and cardamon with Yoghurt and see how it goes. Any other suggestions will be welcome.

Mamta, on 24/6/2018 02:32pm

Try this one, it is easy and gives pretty good results. Omit the spices mentioned above;

Chicken Curry Marinated In Tandoori Mix

I often make extra marinade in one go and freeze portions in small jars. You can make tandoori meat/poultry or fish with it or a curry, whatever you like. I discovered this recipe ne day when I was feeling lazy and had some marinade waiting to be used.

For extra flavour, you can always add some ground green cardamoms.

In fact, in everyday cooking, I hardly ever cook anything hot. Chillies just hide the flavour of all other lovely spices.

Spicy does not equal Hot!

, on 24/6/2018 06:38pm

Thanks Mamta, sounds perfect to me will cook on Monday. Really looking forward to a curry.

SteveAUS, on 29/8/2018 07:28am

Hi Wilsonz

I make a very easy and tasty Methi Chicken. Its pretty much chicken browned, add thickened cream and a good handful of methi leaves! Cook until chicken is tender and thats it.




Mamta, on 29/8/2018 10:48pm

Methi chicken sounds lovely :)

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