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Martin, on 30/4/2018 04:44pm

I made a bucketful of chicken pasanda but though it is a great tasting pasanda I find it a bit tasteless. Any ideas for turning this into something different?

Thanks, Martin

PS I've only made 2 of your pickle recipes but I can heartedly recommend them.

Lemon Picklei in Oil - Neembu Ka Tel (Tael) Walla Achaar

Chilli pickle hot in mustard oil (Mirch ka rai wala achar) - the street stall did have to ask me though, why I wanted so many chillies (secret smile!)

They last forever without deteriorating in flavour or texture!!

Kind regards,


Mamta, on 1/5/2018 07:15am

Hello Martin

Yes, Pasanda is a mild curry. You can spice up the curry a bit and make a biryani with it, layering with sliced onions etc. I do this often.

See here; Biryani Rice (Pilaf) from Leftover Curries

You mean this chilli pickle; Chilli Pickle 5 in Mustard Oil? I make it a lot too.

Lemon pickle; Lemon Pickle - 1, in Oil

Mamta, on 1/5/2018 07:17am

PS Pete has made some changes to the website. You will notice that there is a Shrotcode at the bottom of each recipe under Notes. If you copy and paste this code to where you want to mention/quote the recipe, it will automatically come up as a link.

Martin, on 2/5/2018 11:24am

Clearly I'm not the firstperson in this predicament!

Many thanks for your Biryani recipe.


Mamta, on 4/5/2018 06:19am

True! We can't all like everything we make. I prefer mild food, so it is fine for me.

Also, leftovers are a norm of an Indian kitchen, where portions are not measured and it is not considered good if your food runs out before 2nds and 3rds :). Therefore, I am always making things out of leftovers.

Helen Bach, on 11/5/2018 11:43am

I know I will probably get some stick for this, but chicken pasanda is not a proper dish, it is derived from a meat (meaning lamb/goat or even beef/buffalo). The pasanda refers to the way a piece of meat is cut, and is very specific. Prolonged cooking is necessary to develop the flavours.

When dishes (from any cuisine) are modified, they usually lose something, in this case it would seem to be depth of flavour. 'Curry' is not a sauce, it is a gravy, that is, it is made from the ingredients, not added later, as in most French meat dishes.

Looking at most (if not all) 'Indian restaurant' offerings, only about 5 - 10% are 'proper' dishes, the rest are the usual 'matrix sauce' dishes. so prawn Rogan Josh is laughable, as would Tandoori prawns. Vindaloo is a pork dish, only, nothing else. The reason is that spicing and method of cooking has been developed for a particular meat (or veg) and does not suit other meats or veg. Would you go to a fish and chip shop and be given boiled fish?

Martin, on 21/5/2018 07:58pm

Thank you Helen B. Any practical suggestions are always welcome.

Any Ideas on how to use up an excess of Chicken Pasanda though?

Kind regards,


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