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Gordon , on 19/4/2018 07:06pm

thought I’d try Mamtas curry sauce without onion and garlic.

I’m absolutely amazed how tasty and rounded it was. Plus the house doesn’t stink of onion and garlic.

Full marks, you’ve got to try this.

Mamta, on 20/4/2018 06:58am

It is tasty to cook without onions Gordon. MY mother in-law did not eat onions and was one of the best vegetarian cooks I knew. Many people in India do not eat onions, because it is considered a Tamsic food, food that harms the mind /body. Even those who eat onions, like mine and my husbands families. Most are vegetarians, except the young generation, and they do not add onions to every vegetable, all the time. Most of my every day vegetable bhajies, what you would call a curry without sauce, do not have onions, and garlic even less often. Fresh, gentle flavoured vegetables can be overwhelmed by using onions.

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