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Forum Thread - Keeping fried samosas crisp and hot at time of party somewhere else

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Anju, on 10/4/2018 08:39pm

Hello Maam,

I wanted to make few meat samosa from tortilla on Friday and they will be only served in the noon for a potluck party. I wanted to take them and heat them there but thing is only microwaves available there. So can you suggest soon what to do keep them crisp and light


Mamta, on 10/4/2018 10:06pm

Hello Anju

Microwave oven is no good for reheating samosas, if you want them to remain crisp. They will become leathery as they cool. Personally I would prefer crisp samosas at room temperature to leathery, hot ones.

Fry them before you go and keep them in an open/ cardboard type of box, lined with kitchen paper. If they are open, there will be no condensation of steam on them, as there will be if they are in a closed box. They will cool slowly, remaining crisp.


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