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Forum Thread - Rava Besan Laddu mixture became harder

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Punam, on 12/10/2017 08:49pm


I roasted rava, besan in ghee and added sugar syrup to their mixture. But the mixture became hard and coarse. Cannot make laddus out of it. What should I do now? I cannot add more sugar syrup as the mixture tastes perfectly sweet right now. Should I roast it with ghee and try again? Also, there are small hard balls in the mixture which tastes very sweet. I think it is probably because of the sugar syrup that hardened after cooling. How can I get rid of these hard pieces? Will the heating with ghee help?

Mamta, on 12/10/2017 10:01pm

Hello Punam

I have never made laddoos with sugar syrup. Everyone I know adds ground sugar or 'boora' directly to the besan cooked with ghee.

The lumps you mention are probably lumps of sugar syrup that was too thick and set as soon as it cooled down.

Only way I can think of breaking down these hard lumps is by blending the whole mix in a blender. If you are lucky, you may then be able to press this mix into laddoo balls.


Mamta, on 12/10/2017 10:03pm

PS Also read this:

Punam, on 19/10/2017 08:31pm

HI, thanks for the suggestion. I ground the mixture in the grinder and it made the rava softer. I then heated the mixture a little bit and made laddus out of it. It worked. The laddus are tasting yum. I think the course rava was the culprit. I guess for laddus we are supposed to use very very fine rava. Lesson learnt :D

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