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Forum Thread - Mixed Vegetable Bhaji 1 (Dry Curry)

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Roger, on 13/8/2017 05:30pm

I've been Googling for information on the preparation of cabbage with Indian spices which are reported to aid digestion of cabbage so bloating does not take place: ginger, asafoedita = hing and fenugreek (as reported at What I like about the recipe for Mixed Vegetable Bhaji is that it is universal for many vegetables including in combinations of 3 or 4. For people like me who are curious about cuisines from outside of North America, this recipe is an excellent reference and jumping off point. [Edited to remove commercial supplier details]. Thanks for the post! All the best, Roger (Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA).

Mamta, on 15/8/2017 10:17am

Thank you for your comments Roger, we love to hear from our visitors. You can also visit us on facebook to see what I am cooking from day to day, season to season;

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