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Phil, on 23/7/2017 05:44pm

Just did this potato chaat yesterday, with the raita and the mango chutney. Delicious!


Mamta, on 23/7/2017 06:45pm

Great to know. It is simple, but nice. Next time, try to add a little tamarind chutney too :)

Phil, on 24/7/2017 01:08pm

Yes, I must get some dried tamarind next time I'm in Edinburgh.

I think the mango was more ripe than is called for, so the chutney was sweeter than it should have ben, but still very nice.

It's typical Sod's Law that, when I want a ripe mango for Madhur Jaffrey's Korean beef and mango recipe, I can't find one, but when I went looking for an unripe mango, the only ones they had were ripe!

Mamta, on 25/7/2017 07:26am

LIDL have ripe mango most of the year around.

For green coriander chutney, you can use any tart apple. I even add any oranges or plums or peaches to it that are going begging, any 'tart...ish' fruit is fine.

Phil, on 27/7/2017 12:31pm

Hi Mamta

Couldn't find dried tamarind.

My brother suggested a small jar of tamarind paste from Waitrose. Would that work?

A friend is growing tamarind in flower pots in her kitchen. Should she just dry out the tamarind root when it's ready, or grate it, or slice and pickle it?


Mamta, on 28/7/2017 03:39pm

Tamarind paste should work Phil. I just looked up Waitrose jar, it doesn't have anything added, so should be fine.

I have never used tamarind root, never seen anyone use it either in India, but of course I can't vouch for whole of India. I have used leaves, green pods and ripe pods, but never root, not that I can remember anyway! Sorry!

Phil, on 29/7/2017 05:36pm

My mistake, Mamta: I thought it was the root that was used, but I've now seen a block of tamarind, and I can see pods in there.


Mamta, on 30/7/2017 06:19am

If it is the fibrous variety of pods Phil, they can look a bit like roots :). I get this 'wet' tamarind, much easier and quicker to get flesh out of. It has fire and a lot of seeds removed. You can open a packet and squeeze out what you nee, repacking the rest in a small plastic bag and keep in the fridge. The flesh simply dissolves in water.

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