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priya, on 8/7/2017 10:13pm

thank you for this generous site. I'd like to use broth instead of oil to cook with; what do you think? I'm not having oil anymore and wonder if the spices will work to throw them in a bit of broth instead of oil. especially hing.

Mamta, on 10/7/2017 12:02pm

Hello Priya

They will work to a certain extent, but the taste will of course not as good in flavour or appearance. It might be better to used reduced amount, rather than eliminating it completely, if possible.

Fat absorbs and keeps the flavours of the ingredients you are using, in a dish.

It also helps to make your sauces/dishes glossy/shiny.

Fat soluble vitamins (A D E K) are carried in your food/drinks, only if they have some fat.


priya, on 31/7/2017 11:11pm

yes, I tried it and I see the difference, but it's like a whole new cuisine! I wish I could post a pic. it looked great -very fresh- but the spices were like a suggestion instead of a definite flavour. I think the nigella and/or turmeric got quite bitter.

I think next time I'll change the recipe even more and toast the spices without oil first in the pan to hopefully bring more flavour out.

this is a do or die situation, so no oils for me. thank you!

Mamta, on 2/8/2017 05:55am

Hello Priya

You can share your experiments, experiences and photographs here;

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