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Forum Thread - Help is Iranian rice so difficult?

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Kooler, on 9/4/2017 02:24am

Hello- not sure if this will get posted but I will try.

My family is coming from Iran and I wanted to make a good meal. However I have never cooked Persian food.

What do I do with this saffron? How to I make Iranian rice? I think I baught everything but man it sounds complicated

Mamta, on 10/4/2017 12:13pm

I usually soak saffron in a tiny amount of warm water or milk before using it.

Lisa, on 21/4/2017 02:35pm

Dear Kooler,

This site may help you: if you are looking for rice with that tahdig crust?

Mamta, on 6/5/2017 06:57am

"...if your friends from Iran are visiting you, they may enjoy non-Persian food instead,"

Yes, I agree entirely with this statement, I have always gone by it.

Helen Bach, on 6/5/2017 06:22pm

it has been said that the absorption method of cooking rice (especially basmati) was developed in Persia, so the results would have been very close, if you used this method for either.

Phil, on 22/5/2017 02:31pm

My brother's partner here in Edinburgh used to be married to an Iranian, and learned how to do this from her Iranian mother-in-law.

Interestingly, she doesn't use the absorption method. She was describing how she prepared the rice the other night. Quite an elaborate process. I must take notes when I next see her. She says the rice itself is Iranian. She puts dill in hers.


Mamta, on 23/5/2017 11:31am

It will be nice to learn a new method of cooking rice :)

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