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Helen Bach, on 21/10/2016 05:18pm

you may know the problem. You are in a hurry. You throw things together, and the result is superb. But you have forgotten exactly what you did. I have just arrived at this situation, with pickles, just vinegar, not Indian oil ones.

Last night I made red cabbage pickle, with cider vinegar, half a lemon and some dried red berries. Added about 2 tsp of Lebanese 7 spice, a kind of mild garam masala. Looks good.

But I had made some pickles some time ago which I cannot find any info on. Sliced carrots and root ginger, taste almost sweet in cider vinegar. And onions and shallots with very small but very hot chillies, a real man's pickled onion!

I usually write up my successes onto a computer as soon as I can, and have quite a few very good ones. But recently, one of my hard drives could not be accessed, and I had not backed it up. However, today, I managed to access it via an external USB connection, so all is well, and I have learnt my lesson.

Mamta, on 21/10/2016 08:01pm

Phew, thank God you got all the recipes back! I know how annoying it can be not to be able to remember how you made something that tasted great!

Enjoy :)!

Helen Bach, on 24/11/2016 04:01pm

maybe Mamta could have button at the top of the page to tell people they don't have to join, just type and enjoy or just look and learn.

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