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Helen Bach, on 5/10/2016 03:14pm

OK, so I know this is an Indian food site, and an excellent one, too. But I thought I would share this recipe for sweet and sour sauce.

The Chinese S&S sauce is supposed to be red, but in the UK is often a mix of vinegar, sugar and cornflower, none of which is particularly Chinese, especially if red food colouring is used.

My partner is on a diet (lost nearly 20kg!) but it is often very difficult to comply with the regime, exactly. Fats should be as low as possible, and flour is also a no-no. So I had to come up with this recipe. (Partner does not like vinegar, BTW)

It contains just three ingredients, and that includes the water!

For four to six servings:

three purple plums

one mandarin (fruit, not person)



Place the whole plums and the mandarin (cut into four and remove any pips), and add water until nearly covering the fruit, and boil, then simmer. Add more water if needed. Cook until plums and mandarin are mushy. Fish around for the plum stones and remove. Macerate with stick blender until smooth sauce is formed. Et voila. A red sweet and sour sauce, pure and simple. Enjoy.

Mamta, on 10/10/2016 03:53pm

Sounds good to me, definitely worth a try :), a sweet and sour fruit sauce!

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