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Forum Thread - Incorporating western veges into indian food

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fshakoor, on 16/6/2016 10:30am

Hi Mamta and all,

Do you, or anyone else know how we can incorporate vegetables like Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Mange Tout, Sugar snap peas, Asparagus, Kale etc. into Indian food? I tend to find they don't lend well to spices, or break up too easily etc. And boiling steaming tastes too bland.

Thank you all

Mamta, on 16/6/2016 02:37pm

Broccoli can be cooked like cauliflower, for any dish that you would make with cauliflower.

Brussel Sprouts can be made into various bhaji/spicy stir-fry type of dishes. Also nice shredded and added to Mung dal.

Mange Tout is no different to how our mothers used to cook tender pea pod shells, making a bhaji stir-fry.

I have never had much luck with Kale. I love all leafy vegetables, except thsi one!

Asparagus is good for a quick, spicy stir-fry.

Over cooking is not good for any of these vegetables, they should retain some crispness.

If you type the vegetable name in this sites search window, you will get a few ideas.


fshakoor, on 17/6/2016 05:12pm

Thanks Mamta!

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