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fshakoor, on 16/6/2016 08:35am

Hi Mamta and all,

Do you, or anyone here have a yoghurt free biryani recipe (for someone diary intolerant)? Or do you know what I can substitute instead of the yoghurt please?

Thank you.

Mamta, on 16/6/2016 07:15pm

As the person before me has said, you could omit the yoghurt from the recipe. It will be slightly different, but you could get away by increasing the tomatoes a little, even just omitting the yoghurt.

I do have some dairy free biryanies on this site. If one says add Paneer chesse, just don't add it.

Chickpea Biryani Rice (Pilaf)

Lamb Biryani Rice. You omit yoghurt.

Vegetable Biryani rice.


pendant, on 19/6/2016 01:54pm

I'm pretty intolerant of my diary, too!

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