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Nick G, on 14/4/2016 08:31am

Doe anybody know where I can get fresh curry leaves from? I just cant find them anywhere these days, you used to be able to get them in the largest supermarkets and the ethnic grocery shops but they all seem to have disappeared. The dried ones are just rubbish. I cant even find them in spicesofindia or anywhere online. Can anyone help?


Mamta, on 14/4/2016 10:48am

I think that their import has been restricted, but there are some people growing them in Europe now and they are available in some shops. I know some friends get them regularly from Kingsbury Road Indian shops. One of our local, Gujarati, store has them from time to time. When I find them, I freeze them in a plastic bag.

Wmbley is another place that has busy Indian grocers.

On line stores may supply them, it is worth asking them, before ordering;

Phil, on 23/4/2016 03:17pm

There used to be a wonderful Southern Indian restaurant in Newcastle which used these, ordered via an Asian shop, where we could get them. I agree that the dried ones are nowhere near as good. I

I just googled 'Fresh curry leaves in Edinburgh'; I hear they can be had at a shop called Maqbool's, so I'm off to get some to take back home to France with me.

Try googling the same thing, with your town or district name.


AspiringCook, on 26/4/2016 10:09pm

Hi all,

I'm trying to grow a curry leaf tree in a pot on my windowsill, and have noticed the leaves beginning to turn yellow. Does anyone have any advice on what the problem might be? I'm hoping it's something easy to fix!

Thank you!

Helen Bach, on 27/4/2016 12:24am

I knew the people who used to run Chiltern Seeds. They tried to grow a curry leaf tree, but said it was very difficult.

If the leaves are turning yellow, Google 'chlorosis'.

AspiringCook, on 27/4/2016 01:41am

Thank you!

Mamta, on 28/4/2016 07:44am

I have two small trees on my windowsill. They do shed leaves (after turning yellow) couple of times a year. If you continue to look after it normally, that is water when needed and occasional reposting to a larger pot, leaves always re-appear, healthy.

See here; Growing and Storing Curry leaves

Phil, on 28/4/2016 01:31pm

I hear that you're right, Mamta, that sale of fresh curry leaves has been restricted or banned because of spores found on leaves. People are saying that they're mostly available frozen or dried.

Thanks for that link re growing them. I might have a go, but I'm not hopeful. Might be easier at home in the south of France than here in Edinburgh.


AspiringCook, on 29/4/2016 12:18am

Thanks for all the info. It is good to know that the leaves can be expected to yellow and drop at times but that the plant is still ok. I have mine on a south facing windowsill where it gets a good amount of sun, and other than some yellow mottling of the leaves, it appears to be doing alright.

Thanks again!

Mamta, on 29/4/2016 06:05am

I am going to take a cutting today and see if that takes.

In my post of 28/4/2016 07:44am, the word 'reposting' should read 're-potting'. It is the spell-checker gone unchecked by me!

Phil, on 14/6/2016 02:26pm

Just got some yesterday from Maqbool's supermarket, next to the mosque in Edinburgh. They smell lovely. Time to look for more recipes with curry leaves!


Mamta, on 14/6/2016 09:02pm

Freeze some in a plastic bag straight away, they will retain their flavour for quite a while.

Out of my two cuttings, one is still looking very healthy after 6 weeks. The other one has fungated and died!

Phil, on 14/6/2016 11:53pm

Will do, Mamta.

Any tips re recipes with curry leaves? When I do a search, I get all recipes with the word 'curry' in them. I'd love to cook something with fresh curry leaves tomorrow night.


Mamta, on 15/6/2016 12:59pm

Hello Phil

Basically curry leaves can be used in most Indian curries, dals, and snacks. When you do ‘tarka’ at the start of a recipe i.e. heat oil, add cumin/mustard/other seeds, in dishes where you use black mustard seeds (curry leaves go well with mustard seeds) you can add 8-10-20 curry leaves when seeds begin to splutter. Let them fry for a few seconds in oil to release flavour, they release a beautiful aroma in hot oil. Then carry on with your recipe.

Basically, there is no reason why you can’t replace cumin or other seeds in a recipe with black mustard seeds and then use curry leaves with them. After a few seconds of adding curry leaves, you add ginger and garlic, and carry on as normal. If you have made a curry with sauce, adding a little coconut cream/powder also goes well in such dishes, gives them mor South Indian flavour/taste.

Traditionally, Gujarati and south Indian people use curry leaves a lot in their dishes, but they are now commonly used in north Indian dishes too.

If you put either South (for south Indian) or Gujarati in the search window, you are more likely to find them.

Aubergine Bhaji, South Indian (Dry Curry)

Basic Curry Sauce 3, South Indian

Cabbage Bhaji South Indian Style (A Dry Curry)

Chana or Tuvar Dal Spicy Powder from South India

Curd Rice (Yoghurt Rice)

Lassi 3, A Savoury Yoghurt Drink-Maththa

Semolina Utthapam From South India, Reeta's

Shallot or Small Onions Bhaji mi with Coconut (Dry Curry)

Tuna Fish Curry with Creamed Coconut and Whole Grain Mustard

Turnip Bhaji South Indian Style (A Dry Curry).

There is a Curry Leaves Chutney on my website also. This is for people who have surplus curry leaves or a curry leaf tree in their garden!

Hope this helps and the links work!


Phil, on 15/6/2016 03:08pm

Oh great! Thanks so much, Mamta! I didn't know that they could be used in tarka. Just bought some black mustard seeds the other day, so I've got what I need.


Mamta, on 15/6/2016 05:45pm

They are mostly used in what we north Indians call tarka!

Mamta, on 15/6/2016 06:28pm

Phil, I just made a squash bhaji with curry leaves, will post the recipe later, if i get a chance.


Mamta, on 15/6/2016 09:06pm

This is for you Phil;

Phil, on 15/6/2016 09:45pm

Hi Mamta

I did Gujerati green beans, using curry leaves in the black mustard seeds. You're right: the aroma is wonderful. Did this with chicken in red pepper sauce.

Thanks again!


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