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Martin, on 8/11/2015 04:37pm

Locally, the autumn harvest has brought a good crop of medlars and quinces. Habe you got any recipes that could use these fruit?


Mamta, on 9/11/2015 06:21am

I haven't Martin. Will this work;


Martin, on 9/11/2015 07:06pm

I might try apple & quince chutney based on your apple chutney recipe. As for medlars they yield a flesh which is quite chutney like in texture & flavour anyway. I was thinking maybe of trying them in sweet patties or with aubergines in a pickle.

Will let you know!


Mamta, on 10/11/2015 07:05am

Will look forward to it. Please take pictures as you go along. These kind of recipe ideas for wild thing, people are looking for and can't find. If it works, it might be worth putting it on the www!

Phil, on 12/7/2017 05:06pm

I've only just seen this. I'd never heard of medlars until I looked up the French word 'néflier' in a bilingual dictionary, and found that it's the tree that produces these.

Had them for the first time in the South of France: lovely.

Must look into this, now that I'm resident in the UK again.


Mamta, on 13/7/2017 06:16am

Never eaten them myself! I am not sure if I have seen them. I must have, but not recognised them. Will try to keep an eye out for them when walking.

Phil, on 22/7/2017 02:22pm

I don't see them in British supermarkets. Might try to bring some back the next time I go back to the South of France.

Mamta, on 22/7/2017 05:17pm

You can buy medlar trees in UK to plant in your garden, but not sure where you can buy or pick them!

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