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Martin, on 12/9/2014 07:28pm

Thanks Mamta I'll give it a go.


Deba, on 10/6/2016 12:11pm

Hi, i read all the messages.

Since we produce high quality paneer I am adding suggestions

1. Do not split milk while boiling. It makes paneer hard and lots of nutrition is drained away in whey. Also amount of paneer produced will be very less. About 6 to 6.5 litres for 1 kg

2. Keep whey from first paneer and use it for next splitting. Makes better paneer as no acid is used

3. Let milk cool to 65°C and slowly keep adding whey till milk is fully split. Use full fat milk.

4. Drain whey immediately using clean dhoti cloth and tie it up. Put the bundle under light weight for pressing for two hours

5. The resultant paneer will be very soft and tasty.

6. 5 litres of pure milk will give 1 kg of paneer

7. Vegetable rennet is available online. Although price is high amount required is very less.

8. Making cheese is an entirely different process than paneer. Please do not confuse paneer as unprocessed cheese.

9. I will post cheesemaking process some other time

Deba, on 10/6/2016 12:20pm

Vegetable rennet is available on Its made from fig leaves, melons, wild thistles and safflower so can be safely used by vegetarians

Mamta, on 11/6/2016 07:50am

Thank you Deba. I will try your suggestion of splitting milk at a lower temperature next time I make it. Using 'paneer water' from previous batch is very common in Indian homes, including my mum's. I had completely forgotten about it!

I sometimes dilute the lemon juice before adding to hot milk, but not tried it splitting it at lower temperature, except when experimenting with making Bengali rasgullas, where perfection is still alluding me!

Once I have tried making it with milk whey, I will certainly edit the recipe to includes this.

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