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SteveAUS, on 2/5/2015 07:28am

Hi Mamta

Hope you and yours are well. Just thought Id drop a line to say im cooking my favourite of your dishes tonight. The gorgeous Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. Its been a long time and im so looking forward to it. The vinegar, fennel combo is beautiful.



wilsonz, on 2/5/2015 10:15am

Gooday Steve, what a good idea, have not eaten that for ages as well. Will go shopping soon.

Kavey, on 2/5/2015 04:29pm

I've never tried that dish, I'm not a fan of fennel. Do you think it'd be worth trying without the fennel?

SteveAUS, on 2/5/2015 09:29pm

Nah....must have the fennel. Its beautiful.

Kavey, on 3/5/2015 10:55am

Sheesh, I've been reading too many other sites lately, for some reason my thoughts went to fennel bulbs, which I dislike! But are unlikely to be in the recipe!!!

Fennel seeds (especially ground) are fine when part of a spice mix, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this. Indeed I probably already have when mum has made it!!!!!!!

Mamta, on 3/5/2015 07:11pm

So how did the curry go Steve from Australia?

A mix of fennel seeds, vinegar and mustard gives a dish slightly pickle like flavour. You can cook many vegetables and other meats with this sort of basis.

SteveAUS, on 8/5/2015 09:58pm

Yes Kavey it was fennel powder. This mixed with vinegar and coconut cream is beautiful.

It was sensational thanks Mamta. Fried everything off and browned the chicken in a pan then put it in the slow cooker for about 7 hours! Wheres the drool icon on here? LOL



Mamta, on 10/5/2015 02:42pm

Slow cookers are great things. Our grandmothers in india used to cook in something similar to a slow cooker; it is a tall container where they put live charcoal from their cooking using wood, covered it with some warm ashes and left whatever was to be cooked slowly on it. It made delicious food, especially whole lentils of all sorts. Most Hindus were vegetarian then, but I am sure non-vegetarian families also had similar methods of cooking meats of poorer cuts.

SteveAUS, on 29/8/2018 05:32am

hmmmm - I think it might be time for Mamtas Sri Lankan Chicken curry. Its been a while!!!!

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