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Forum Thread - Besan ke laddoo problem - please help!!

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Mamta, on 5/12/2023 03:00pm

Glad to hear it worked. Let’s hope some others will be helped by this.

Jaskaran , on 18/12/2023 08:59pm

Hello Mamta, I made laddus (first time) but sugar is a little bit low. Can I do something about it now ?

Here are the ingredients below:-

1kg ghee

500gm Besan

500 gm Flaxseeds

500gm sesame seeds

250gm cashew

250 gm almonds

100 gm pumpkin seeds

100 gm fool makhana

Hand palm amount of coconut boora

Hand palm amount of saunf

Hand palm amount of chaare magaz

Hand palm amount of Elaichi

I grinded all seeds together and did the same with rest of the items separately.

Put the ghee and cooked the besan for 10-15 mins at medium flame. Then added seeds and then rest of the items. After few stirs I added sugar (shakkar). I kept the flame low for one min while stirring then turned it off and stirred more. Then I made pinnis of the mixture.

I am kinda satisfied with the results as this is my first time but can you tell me if I can increase sugar after making laddus?

Also, if I got something wrong or where I can improve as I want to make a burfi next.

Jaskaran , on 18/12/2023 09:07pm

I added 2 pieces of gud- handpalm sized- they were kind of small.

Mamta, on 19/12/2023 04:01pm

This is a difficult one, because I have not made laddoos with all the extra ingredients you have. Sorry, can't help!


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