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Forum Thread - Besan ke laddoo problem - please help!!

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Manita, on 3/5/2020 05:08pm

hi all, I was trying to make besan ladoo and I added sugar in that which was not powdered sugar now my ladoos tastes crunchy coz of those sugar granules . Can I reheat besan ladoos and after sugar melts a little can I make ladoos again. Or any other option as everything else is perfect in my ladoos. Thank u.

Mamta, on 3/5/2020 08:29pm

Hello Manita

If they taste perfect, why not enjoy them as they are. If you start messing around with breaking them up, grinding and remaking them again, they may not bind.


Manita, on 4/5/2020 06:06am

Hi Mamta, initially I also thought so....but sugar granules r feeling irritating while chewing there any way if I can make burfi from them so that my problem also gets solved....TIA

Mamta, on 4/5/2020 12:42pm

How about breaking up a couple of laddoos only and grinding them in your grinder/chopper, then trying to bind them again?

To make burfi, you need to have a sugar syrup. Your laddoos are already sweet, you can not add any more syrup to them.

If all else fails, just grind the whole lot in a grinder and eat them as Besan Churma :)

Geetha Narayanas, on 7/5/2020 04:13am

Hi. I made besan ladoos based on Mamta’s recipe. Because there was a power cut, I could not gauge the golden colour of the roasted besan. It did taste slightly raw after eating it. So, I put it in a microwave oven. First in microwave option for 5 mins and then Microwave+convection combo for another 5 mins. It worked. The ladoos tasted wonderful. You can also check it out for besan burfi if it tastes raw. But check the time. It may be different for different brands.


Mamta, on 7/5/2020 12:19pm

Thank you Geetha Narayanas. Heather laddoo recipe is from my late mother, it is not my recipe. She made the best laddoos I have ever had.

Roasting besan takes patience and time. When we are busy in our modern lives, we sometimes forget that and try to hurry things, with poor results.



Natasha, on 12/5/2020 04:40pm

I tried making Boondi laddoo and feel that I haven't fried the boondi well .. how can I fix it? As I have added sugar syrup to it but then it tastes uncooked

Mamta, on 13/5/2020 09:17am

Too late! You can't cook boondi any more, after you have added the sugar.

Manjila, on 26/5/2020 03:29am

I mistakely put sugar while making besan batter what to do

Mamta, on 26/5/2020 05:33am

Make sweet Besan Chilla pancakes.

Devika Sunil, on 28/5/2020 03:24pm

Hi! I made Basin laddoos today, but the mixture got so sticky, I dont think I can roll it up to balls now, what do I do? Please help ASAP

Meenu, on 4/6/2020 04:39pm

My daughter made besan ladoo first time but it is seeming besan is still raw. How I can fix it. Suger is already added and she has already harden the ladoo. Can anything be done

Mamta, on 5/6/2020 01:48pm

I can't think of anything. If you have an oven, may be bake them at around 170C for 10 minutes, then check. Another 10 minutes and check.

We have all made such mistakes, it is part of the learning process. She will never make the same mistake now, bless her :)!

Komal, on 17/6/2020 09:02am

Hi, I make besan ke laddoo, i used the coarse besan but when I try to make into balls, but i become like Churra . very tasty but how to make it into shape now?

Mamta, on 17/6/2020 02:53pm

Komal, if you have a blender/grinder, try to grind it finer and then try. It might work.

Neha, on 10/7/2020 10:14pm

Hi, I tried making magaj with normal besan and sooji (powdered sugar, ghee and mixed nuts) and while it seemed to roast well in the pan, as it cools a thick layer of ghee keeps appearing. Is there any way to fix this please? I have made magaj before and this has never happened.

Sharmila here , on 26/7/2020 05:27pm

I did besan ladus tdy i took 1/2 kg of besan 1/2 kg of sugar nd 1/4 kg pure ghee still became hard can u guide me i want 1 kg of ladus

Mamta, on 27/7/2020 04:56am

Hello Sharmila

Here is the tried and tested recipe from my late other;

Besan Laddoos


Shruti , on 3/8/2020 01:10pm

When i pour sugar syrup in besan then it became in liquid form little bit .so what i can do to make it in perfect condition

Mamta, on 3/8/2020 01:27pm

Shruti, where did the sugar syrup come from? I use ground sugar.


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