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Forum Thread - Besan ke laddoo problem - please help!!

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(unknown), on 24/11/2019 05:25am

I tried to make besan laddo with condensed milk but it is little moist and chewy or sticky you may say. Whats the remedy?

P Gaikwad, on 1/4/2020 03:33pm

I tried mongdal loddo as besan loddo and it's mixture is very much dried and unable to convert it into proper shape....plz tell me remedy what I do to convert that mixture in bill shape.

Mamta, on 3/4/2020 06:51am

Hello P Gaikwad

From the little information that you have given, it is impossible to know what you have done wrong. I suggest you find a good recipe and follow it closely. Guessing amounts of ingredients and not following steps doesn’t always work with Indian sweets.


Priya, on 9/4/2020 09:31am

I made besan laddoo with jaggery powder. It's tasting raw. How to fix it?

Mamta, on 12/4/2020 10:49am

Tasting raw has not due to Jaggery, I am sure. You probably did not roast the besan flour enough. It has a distinctive aroma of roasting Chana when done.

Swarnima , on 12/4/2020 01:25pm

Hi! Can you please help?

I seems to have cooked the basen in not so warm ghee so now the ghee formed a balls and besan is dry did not form a liquid .

What can I do to means it?

Mamta, on 13/4/2020 07:55pm

Hello Swarnima

I am sorry, but I don't understand your question. How can you cook besan in 'not so warm' ghee? It won't cook.

How can ghee form balls when warm?

Probably your proportions of ghee and besan are not correct or you put sugar at the wrong step and it made balls.

Since I am not sure I understand your question, I can't help. I am sorry.

Put it down to experience. Next time, measure amounts correctly and follow steps exactly. Sweets can go horribly wrong, if you do not follow instructions. I have made mistakes too, so will ask you to put it down to experience and move on!

Best wishes


Arisha, on 14/4/2020 12:09pm

Hi, today I tried making began ladoo with Suzi. The ladoo did not came out as expected. the Suzi was thick and now while eating ladoo it is difficult to chew. Can someone help how to fix it

Mamta, on 14/4/2020 09:16pm

Hello Arusha

How can you make Sooji (semolina) laddoos with Besan (Bengal gram flour)? They are two totally different things.

It is difficult to to say why they are hard without knowing the exact steps/recipe you followed. Once you have made the laddoos and they have set hard, it is impossible to change them. Next time, get a reliable recipe and follow it exactly.

Best wishes.


Mitsy, on 16/4/2020 11:51am

Hi Mamta,

I over roasted the besan n ghee. It takes burnt. I haven't added the sugar yet. Anything else I can do with it ?

Misty, on 16/4/2020 12:47pm

It tastes * burnt

Khushbu Mittal, on 19/4/2020 12:54pm

Hello Ma'am,

M sorry if I asking on wrong comment, yesterday I made besan ka ladoo, ghee jada hoga tha toh i mix atta fry karka every thing is fine bt now it's stucking in mouth please let me know what to do, n kya temperature ka bhi farak pad raha hai.. Its 34

Mamta, on 20/4/2020 07:15pm

Hello Misty

Once burnt, it is useless. You can do nothing to remove the 'burnt' taste. Don't waste your sugar. Put it down to experience and try another time, more slowly, keeping an eye on it all the time.


Mamta, on 20/4/2020 07:18pm

Hello Khushbu Mittal

If it is sticking in your mouth, the flour was probably undercooked. Besan has to be fried slowly, keeping an eye all the time. It is like milk; once you burn it, it is better thrown away, because you can not rescue it. Sorry!

The heat outside can make your laddoos go soft, but they should not stick in your mouth. That is why people often keep laddoos in the fridge during summer.


Anjali, on 21/4/2020 12:19pm

Hu, I tried besan k laddoo but I am not able to bind them may be because of less quantity of ghee and the besan floor is very soft means daanedar nhi h ... Wt to do now?

, on 21/4/2020 06:15pm

Hello Anjali

As I keep saying, it is very difficult to rescue Mithai/Sweets, once they have gone wrong . It is better to follow the steps properly in the first place.


Zara, on 22/4/2020 10:01am

I've made ladoos before and they turned out really good, but today I tried making besan ladoos again but used a 'wide' pan instead of a 'wok-style' pan. My besan burnt VERY fast and my mom's angry at me for wasting ghee. Is there any point trying to salvage it with sugar?

Mamta, on 22/4/2020 02:14pm

Hello Zara

First of all, please tell your mummy from me ( I am much older than her I am sure) that none of us can claim that we have never burnt anything. As my husband’s late brother used to say, “only those who do any work, make mistakes. Only those who don’t do any work, dont make mistakes”! So making mistakes is part of learning, don’t feel bad about it. You will never make the same mistake twice.

I don’t think it burnt because your pan was wide. It was probably a light bottomed pan or the heat was too high. Frying besan/atta/sooji must be done on low heat and in a have bottomed pan or Karahi. Patience comes with experience, we are not born with it. Ask your mum to be honest and tell you how many meals she burnt when she was young? You have to burn a few things to learn cooking.

Cheer up and carry on.



m phukan, on 26/4/2020 03:41pm

can we make besan barfi with refined vegetable oil instead of ghee

Mamta, on 27/4/2020 09:39am

Hello m phukan

I am sure you can, although the flavour will be different. Why not try with a small amount first and see if you like the flavour and taste?

Besan Burfi


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