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Forum Thread - Besan ke laddoo problem - please help!!

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Hafsa, on 29/3/2019 11:57am

Hi I make Bassein Ladoo I didn’t give you them a shape but isn’t very sweet how I can fix it less sweet thank hafsa

Mamta, on 1/4/2019 04:38am

The question is, if I understand it; I have made Besan Laddoo, I haven't shaped them yet. They are not very sweet, how can I fix it.

"Hi I make Bassein Ladoo I didn’t give you them a shape but isn’t very sweet how I can fix it less sweet thank hafsa"

If you have added enough proportion of ghee, this should not be a problem. Simply add more caster/ground sugar/Boora and make laddoos. If you have not added enough ghee, add some more hot, melted ghee, mix it well. Then add additional ground sugar/boora and make laddoso. I hope this works.


MeEra, on 22/4/2019 11:57am

Ghee Jada Ho gya

(unknown), on 3/9/2019 07:01am

Hi, I made besan barfi, looks good but is a bit chewy, any leads?

Mamta, on 3/9/2019 02:06pm

May be the syrup was too thick, more than one wire consistency?

(unknown), on 7/9/2019 11:28pm

while roasting besan, its getting burned. After 5 minutes its completely black and keeps getting black and burned. pls help.

Mamta, on 8/9/2019 05:28am

Your heat is too high. It has to be fried on very gentle heat, it takes quite a while. Be patient.

I do it while cooking something else and keep it on the burner in the back, stirring regularly.

(unknown), on 21/10/2019 01:16pm

Besan laadu are my handiwork in my khandaan. But this time my besan laadu were dry. After adding ghee, binding was perfect. Rest all - in terms of aromatics, taste etc they are perfect. Now, I'm relieved they're good. Beti ke sasural ki pehli diwali mein jo bhejne hai ;-)

Mamta, on 21/10/2019 01:59pm

Well done to you unknown 🙂


(unknown), on 21/10/2019 06:06pm

Hi i made besan ladoo but it became less sweet, wht i should do now to make some sweet

Mamta, on 21/10/2019 06:45pm

To make them sweeter, you will need to add more sugar. Then they need to be warm...ish to shape into laddoos. How about eating them less sweet 🙂? Next time, make sure you measure the ingredients, instead of eyeballing them.


(unknown), on 23/10/2019 03:52pm

Hi Mamta

I was so disheartened when my besan seemed a bit undercooked after spending 2 hours over the gas! But your suggestion of microwaving them worked miracles! God bless you!

Note of caution: depending on the quantity you are popping into the microwave oven, start at 30 sec and keep trying for another 30 seconds each time, being bery careful to observe the smell

(unknown), on 26/10/2019 05:30am


Hi I have tried making bhoondi ladoo for the first time but my mixture seems to have crystalized once one and I added the syrup and it cooled down. The mixture is dry and not soft as it should be. I have added more syrup to this but didn't help. Seems to have gotten worse. How do I remedy this . quantity used was one and a half cups gram flour to 3 cups sugar to About 1 and a half cups water altogether. Please help

(unknown), on 26/10/2019 05:48am

My bhoondi ladoo seems to have sugar crystalized once I added the syrup and not binding. Mixture is dry.

(unknown), on 26/10/2019 11:29am

Hey...the mix for the rava besan ladoo is very crumbly and I am not able to make them into ladoos also the mix is coolesmd do I fix this

Mamta, on 27/10/2019 09:04am

Hello Kashmir's

It sounds like your syrup was cooked for too long and had reached setting consistency. I don't think you can remedy this. If boondies are good to eat, serve them as such, perhaps with a sprinkling of sliced pistachios.

With such sweets, whichever recipe you are following, it is best to follow it to the letter. Syrups that are slightly thinner or thicker than required, will ruin the dish more often than not. Setting consistencies are important to watch out for.

Happy Diwali ðŸ™


(unknown), on 28/10/2019 02:52pm

I fried the besan a bit dark, any remedies for that?

Mamta, on 28/10/2019 04:23pm

Once things go wrong with making sweets, things like too little/too much ghee, too little/too much sugar or cooking too little/too dark, making sugar syrup too thick or too thin, it is almost impossible to remedy the problem. I would say that enjoy it if it is edible/possible, put it down to experience and be more careful with the process (measurements and cooking steps) next time.

Happy DiwaliðŸ™ðŸ•¯ï¸


(unknown), on 4/11/2019 05:36am

Rawa besan laddo mixer bahot sticky hai n laddo nhi bandh sakte dry nhi ho raha dry hua tha to maine milk add kiya milk jyada hua...fridge me bhi rakha sirf thoda gaddha hua...wt to do nw??

(unknown), on 15/11/2019 06:51am

I guess I did find a solution to the problem I ran into, eat it as panjiri if they don't form into a ball. Very tasty!

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