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Forum Thread - Besan ke laddoo problem - please help!!

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Apoorva, on 13/9/2018 02:51pm

Hi, i tried making besan ladoo and they were not binding so i added roasted besan and tgat worked but the ladoos are over sweet, is there any way by which they can be adjusted for less sweerness and then reshaped again..?

Please help

Mamta, on 15/9/2018 04:30am

I don't understand why adding more Besan, and not sugar, should make your laddoos more sweet.

I would put it down to experience and eat them up as they are. Try to measure exact amounts next time.

Deepika, on 29/10/2018 10:34am

Hi mam my besan loodu preparation is all good ..taste is also good... But problem ye he ki maine jo besan use kiya hai wo jyada mota lag raha hai...kya mai ise mixi mai wapas grind karu

Mamta, on 29/10/2018 02:50pm

I have not faced that problem, so difficult to say. I suggest that you grind a small portion in a grinder and see if it works.

Otherwise, put it down to experience and make laddos anyway. They may be slightly more granular, but will taste fine, as long as you have roasted the Besan properly.

Meenakshi , on 31/10/2018 10:36am

Actually I made besan ladoos mixture.... But the mixture was thin....ladoos are not made ...then what I do....plz tell me...

Mahima Navani, on 6/11/2018 05:52pm ladoos have become very sweet and looks like i added too much ghee. Please help me!! How do i fix this as it very sweet and full of ghee?

Thanks much

Jyoti, on 6/11/2018 07:41pm

I put maida instead of sugar by mistake in besan ladoo now what to do?

, on 8/11/2018 12:54am
B Bawa , on 8/11/2018 12:56am

Every time I add maida instead of sugar I just add some onions, green chilies, coriander leaves , salt, mashed potatoes and make aloo parathas out of them.

Mamta, on 8/11/2018 05:57am

1 Mahima Navani

If mixture is too thin, you have obviously added too much ghee. Same thing with too much sweet, you have added too much sugar, too little besan. Next time, measure everything. For now, roast some more besan without ghee and add it to the mix, also adding extra sugar accordingly.

2 Jyoti; As you would have discovered by now, you can't do much with a mix with unfried maida. If it was fired in ghee, it would have still been possible to make laddoos, by adding extra ghee and adjusting sugar appropriately. It doesn't take long to measure. Please measure ingredients next time. Suggestion by B Bawa is also a good one. Make parathas or poories.

Hope you all had a lovely Diwali, in spite of these mishaps.

Best wishes


Veena, on 9/11/2018 04:08pm

After cooling down the mixture I made for besan ka ladoo it was way too wet for shaping into balls. What to do now????

Mamta, on 10/11/2018 06:35am

Did you measure the amount before starting? Too wet usually means too much ghee.

The only thing you can do is dry fry some more besan and add that. If you need to sweeten it more, you can add a little more ground/caster sugar too. But do not add more ghee, probaby the cause of your too wet mix in the first pace.

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