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Forum Thread - remedy to rectify besan ladoo consistency

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Mamta, on 23/6/2020 08:29pm

Julian, we all learn from our mistakes.

Try this one next time, much easier and very tasty. Just make sure that you roast the Besan flour on low heat, stirring well all the while, until it changes to darker colour and gives out nutty aroma. Don’t let it burn by doing it on high heat:

Tabassum, on 3/7/2020 07:59pm

Today I made besan laddus. The taste turned out to be perfect but, the shape was the problem I was facing. The laddus were very soft from outside and had a shining surface too. I tried to refrigerate too. But the laddus came out to be even more out of shape.

Mamta, on 4/7/2020 12:05pm

Tabassum, may be little too much ghee?

Mamta, on 5/7/2020 01:34pm

We have all been there and have learnt from our mistakes. All shortcuts are not successful.


Rashi, on 2/8/2020 10:06am

I m making a besan laddoo,but besan is not fry properly and mixed khoya in it and sugar also then it tastes like 'kacha besan' so what we do now plz tell me the solution.

Julian, on 2/8/2020 12:11pm

If I were to use a sugar syrup to make besan ke ladoo this time, when should I add it? Should it be heated?

Mamta, on 3/8/2020 12:31pm

Hello Rashi

I dont understand what you mean when you say that the Besan is not frying properly. If you put correct amount of ghee and cook it on low heat, it will slowly fry. You can not hurry this, it will burn and become bitter. Once you have added sugar ((and Khoya) to Besan. Not much you can do now.

I have never added knoya to Besan Laddoo and don’t know anyone who does. So can’t answer this question.


, on 3/8/2020 12:32pm

Hello Julian

I have never made Besan laddoos with sugar syrup, so can’t answer your question unfortunately. Sorry!


, on 11/8/2020 06:57am

hey, I made besan ladoo and it ended up tasting very bitter. what do I do? please help.

Mamta, on 11/8/2020 11:09am

I can only think of two reasons for laddoos becoming bitter;

1. Besan was burnt or too old/off

2. Ghee was burnt or had 'gone off'

I can't think of a remedy, may be someone else can!


Nidhi , on 19/8/2020 03:12am

Hi Mamta,

My besan ladoo look fine in terms of consistency but I can taste a little raw besan. I roasted the besan pretty well until it turned golden and gave lots of aroma. Can you suggest why is this happening and is there a way to rectify this at all.



Mamta, on 20/8/2020 05:55am

Besan can taste raw only if it is raw. Roasting besan properly takes patience and knowing when it is done. It takes a little practice. We have all made these mistakes in the beginning, being in a hurry.

It is difficult to roast it further once sugar is added. It can become chewy. Try to put a little besan in a plate and microwave it for a minute at a time, until you get that 'roasted and nutty' aroma. Lets hope yhay doing this this doesn't melt/burn the sugar. If this works, you can spread out a little more on a plate at a time to the rest.

Or, you can test try a crushed laddoo a bit more in a karahi too, and see if that works. The danger is that the sugar may melt and become chewy..

You will know better next time :)


Monika, on 24/8/2020 08:19pm

Hi, I tried making besan laddo for the first time. I am using mota (coarse) besan. I dry roasted the besan first for almost 20 minutes. dry roasted - almost, with very little ghee. Then added the whole ghee and roasted the besan again for 10 minutes. my besan still has some crunchy/hard bites (tiny pieces of chana daal). what could be wrong and how to fix it now?

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