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Forum Thread - remedy to rectify besan ladoo consistency

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Mamta, on 19/4/2020 07:04am

Hello Helena

I add sugar to besan while hot and then bind laddoos while besan and sugar mix are still warm. Try warming one laddoos worth of mix in a microwave for 10 seconds and see if that helps. If this doesn’t work, I don’t have an answer for you. If it works, you can repeat the process with small amounts (3-4 laddoos worth of besan at a time).

I follow my mums recipe:


RitaBokil, on 21/4/2020 10:10am


I added sugar ( not powdered) in the hot roasted besan's not melting in the besan there any remedy to correct it now?

Mamta, on 21/4/2020 10:22am

Sugar is not supposed to melt into the besan. It is just mixed in it and then bound into laddoos.


Shivani, on 16/5/2020 11:41am

Hey can uh plz help.i have taken 5tbsp of milk in besan and then after some time take it and roast using ghee....but now this mixture has minute i am cooling it and it is so much dry ...added enough of ghee....plz help so i can procede with this thing

Mamta, on 18/5/2020 07:35am

Sorry Shivani, I can't visualize your problem! Why did you add milk to besan laddoos?

Sorry, don't know the solution to your problem.


Poomathi, on 18/5/2020 02:41pm

Put it ina mixer and give few pulse..and ur ladoos will hold d shape...

Mamta, on 19/5/2020 05:03pm

Poomathi, that is a brilliant suggestion!


Abi, on 21/5/2020 07:09am

I have added sugar and made it to a Ladoo but it tastes a bit of raw besan. How to rectify this

Mamta, on 21/5/2020 11:54am

It is not possible, as far as I know, to roast the besan more, after adding sugar. In my experience, it will become chewy and useless.


Laebah, on 23/5/2020 08:59am

Hey, I made besan laddu, added a little too much water to my besan, and my boora wasn't a fine powder so i grinded it. it became toffee like, and I don't know what went wrong. So I checked your forum, added some more sugar (but accidentally put more ghee in it) so ofcourse it didn't turn out well. Then I added dry besan roasted in ghee. And then some more dry roasted besan. Now it's acquired the texture of a halwa, but i wanted to make laddus since I have to send somewhere. Can this be fixed? It's too much to waste and use as halwa only

Mamta, on 24/5/2020 07:21am

1. Make fresh laddoos for sending to someone, properly following the amounts and the recipe.

2. Divide what halva you have made accidentally into smaller portions and freeze them. You can take out a portion from time to time and use it up for the family.

3 Or spread it on a tray. cut it down into Burfi shapes and use it that way. If you keep them in the fridge, they will become firm.

I can't think of anything else that you can do!


Ash, on 25/5/2020 04:54am

I added coarse sugar in besan while it was hot, sugar didn't melt well.. Any remedy

Manjila, on 26/5/2020 04:34am


What to do i mistakely put sugar and made batter of besan and how can i make buniya

Meeta Sharma, on 29/5/2020 10:50pm

I tried atta ladoo for first time but it’s not binding.apart from putting ghee what remedies can be taken so that it comes out as laddoo itself and not Prasad. Thanks

, on 30/5/2020 04:34pm

These are the only atta flour laddoos I have ever made, so can’t answer yours question.


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