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Toastie, on 18/8/2011 01:25pm

Help, I'm confused!

Inspired by the lemon pickle recipe on Kavey's blog, I thought I'd check out the original recipe on Mamta's. I'm now presented with 7 different recipes for the same pickle and I can't decide which...!!

I won't be cruel and ask you for your favourite (feel free to do so!), but maybe you could suggest which would be best for a beginner pickle maker. I do like the Geeta's and Pataks pickles, so something in the same ball park would be great.

Thanks in advance. :)

Mamta, on 18/8/2011 02:05pm

My favourite is the traditional, oil free one, that is like preserved lemons. This has been made for generations in my family and million of other families in India for ever! You can try any of these, they are very easy to make.

Tarditional Oil Free Lemon Pickle

Quick Microwave Lemon Pickle by Lapis

Lemon Pickle, Sweet and Hot, Microwave Cooked

Toastie, on 18/8/2011 04:23pm

Thanks for the reply Mamta. I like the fact that all of the recipes are for small batches so that I can eventually try all of them!

Any tips on how to remove the wax from my lemons and limes?

SteveAUS, on 7/11/2011 12:13am

HI Mamta

Sounds like a silly question but once the lemon pickles mature the skin is still not edible is it? A lady at my work has brought in hundreds and hundreds of lemons for us to take away. After my success with green mango pickle I want to give one of your lemon pickles a go (I hate to see them go to waste).



Lapis, on 7/11/2011 12:42am

yes, the rind is edible. In fact, in Morocco, with their preserved lemons, it is thought the done thing to eat just the rind, and not the flesh. Not being remotely Moroccan, I eat all of it, bar the pips.

SteveAUS, on 7/11/2011 01:22am

Cool, thanks Lapis, I imagined it would have been a bit fiddly eating a pickle and having to peel off the skin at the same time. Looking forward to it.



Mamta, on 7/11/2011 05:47am

Skin is the best bit of the pickle. It is not bitter at all once it is soft. Try Lapis's Quick microwave method or a few others based on it.

Kavey, on 7/11/2011 08:46am

Hi Toastie

The one on my blog is based on the Hot and Sweet one here:

It's awfully good...


SteveAUS, on 7/11/2011 10:10am

....I now have 50 odd fresh lemons! decisions, decisions lol. Need some jars first though!

Thanks all


Mamta, on 7/11/2011 01:29pm

Make 5 different ones with 10 lemons each!

Lapis, on 7/11/2011 01:53pm

try a Moroccan recipe, too, the simple one without added spice. It will give you a different lemon flavour for all sorts of dishes, and it is 'clean' without other flavours competing. I use it with fish and even in mixed bean salad.

Kavey, on 7/11/2011 03:11pm

Yes, unprecedented opportunity to do a number of recipes and compare them side by side!!!

tim, on 7/11/2011 08:20pm

Wax? If buying, choose wax free fruit?

SteveAUS, on 7/11/2011 09:58pm

Yeah, I'll do a few different ones. Definately the three listed above.Do you have a link to a Morrocan one by any chance Lapis?



Lapis, on 8/11/2011 01:11am

this will give you an idea, but I would suggest you don't use spices.

homecook, on 29/11/2011 04:20am

Oh thanks for the traditional oil-free lime pickle -- my grandmother used to make something similar, which I tried to duplicate with little success. Mouth watering at the thought of this!

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