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JL, on 25/3/2011 12:54pm

Hi Mamta and Kavey

I think this a fantastic initiative for a worthy cause plus the thrill of sharing a great experience with you all... The wonderful world of Indian cookery.

If I had greater notice would have loved to participate as we will be in the UK on the 13th, but alas our schedule is booked.

So I wish you well and will look into donating to the charity you mention .



Ps can you please ask the UK weather to be kind to us.

Mamta, on 25/3/2011 02:38pm

Thanks for your good wishes. Perhaps you can join us another time :-)

UK weather is kind at the moment JL. In fact I had to abandon gardening just now because it is just too hot in my walled garden!

Winton, on 28/3/2011 06:08pm

Luckily I have a place reserved for the master class - I am really looking forward to it as the highlight of my spring!

I thought I had cooked a fair number of Mamta's recipes but looking at the planned dishes for the day I haven't actually cooked any of the recipes, so they will all be a new experience for me. Also having then seen the maestra in action in her own kitchen hopefully my contributions to the forums will be better informed!


Kavey, on 28/3/2011 08:26pm

We're looking forward to having you attend, John!

We have three places booked and two remaining so please help us put the word out, those of you who know keen cooks that might be interested!

Kavey, on 5/4/2011 08:39am

Would love some more help putting the word out about the course, as the last two places remain unbooked.

We'd really like to have a full house of 5 students for the class, so we can raise a nice figure for the KWS.

Many thanks


dianaeringer@bti, on 14/4/2011 06:36pm

Would love to attend this course but am working that day. Please let me know if there are any other courses available.

Diana Ringer

Martin Webb, on 23/4/2011 07:28pm

Are there still places available on the May cookery course?3



Kavey, on 23/4/2011 08:49pm

Hi Martin,

Yes indeed, can you get in touch via the email address and copy the email in to

We'll give you all the details.

However, we're trying to finalise numbers ASAP so we can work out quantities, so please get in touch soon.

Warmest regards



Kavey, on 11/5/2011 12:29pm

The date of the course fast approaches, we're very excited!

Looking forward to welcoming our students!

Mamta, on 13/5/2011 06:10am

I am off to shops now to get ingredients for tomorrow:-)!

Askcy, on 13/5/2011 06:14am

I'm getting giddy about it and I'm not even there ! - hope everyone has a fabulous day, learns something and raise plenty of money :-)


Winton, on 13/5/2011 06:50am

Spending a whole day in Mamta's Kitchen! A dream come true.

I'm feeling very privileged to be going and have my note book at the ready to report back on all I learn.

Mamta, on 13/5/2011 09:08am

Winton, Kavey has done a nice recipe folder of what you will cook and eat, so no need to take notes, well not many anyway!

AskCy, on 13/5/2011 11:18am

we want photos though ! :-)


Kavey, on 13/5/2011 11:55am

Pete's going to take a few short video clips too!

AskCy, on 13/5/2011 02:52pm

Excellent... will they become past of a video cookery help/tips section on here ?..



Mamta, on 13/5/2011 05:04pm

It is too difficult to do 'Tips', they vary from recipe to recipe. I try to add watch points etc. as I write though.

Pete and I have been busy doing last minute shopping of fresh ingredients and Kavey and I have worked out a step by step programme, well 'sort of'. Hope we cover all in the time we have given ourselves! I am quite looking forard to it now.

Sid, on 13/5/2011 05:28pm

Sounds like you are all going to have a ball tomorrow. I will look forward to watching the video clips. You should set up a live webcam feed for all those poor souls that can't make it LOL. I made 'mum's chicken curry' tonight and very nice it was too.

AskCy, on 14/5/2011 08:26am

hope (and I'm sure they will) everyone has a great day !


Askcy, on 15/5/2011 07:20am

... well how did it go ? :-)


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