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AskCy, on 30/11/2005 09:06pm

Made a great curry base by cooking down a couple of medium/large onions (about the size of my fist..bigger than a tennis ball) with a couple of green peppers..

once it was all soft I pur?ed it (using my trusty stick blender) and then added my spices etc.. (and the meat, turkey breast as it was)

added some more chopped onion and peppers and let it cook out, adding some veg stock...

once it had cooked for an hour or so I added a can of coconut milk..(light version)...

what a tasty,creamy curry it made...

Phil, on 4/12/2005 06:05pm

That's a new one on me.

I would've worried that, with green peppers, it would have had an overly sour taste. Perhaps the coconut milk did the trick.

The main thing I do with green peppers is have them with beef, onion, and black bean sauce.

But one can always learn new tricks.


Askcy, on 5/12/2005 10:56pm

If you added the peppers raw they might be a bit on the bitter side, but when you cook them they go lovely and sweet...

Mamta, on 6/12/2005 06:35am

Hello Steven

I can imagine the flavour and sweetness the peppers will bring to a curry gravy. Perhaps, red peppers will give a rich red colour too. Worth a try next time? After all, we use sweet paprika powder in curries all the time, so why not fresh peppers!


AskCy, on 6/12/2005 11:43pm

I actually buy red and green peppers but like to save the red ones for making a vibrant orange colour to my soups (Sunday dinner I make soup out of the cut off's from any veg we are having with the roast)

but I might buy some extra one week and make a curry with them as well... just thought.. wonder if chargrilling the peppers (either over a flame, in the griddle pan or simply in a hot oven)would give the curry a different smokey taste as well?.. (you can buy smoked paprika)...

Mamta, on 7/12/2005 07:08am

Hi Steven

I too add red peppers to my soups often, specially tomato soup and carrot soup. In fact, my everday soup, which is fat free and we usually have for lunch, is a mix of whatever vegetables are in the fridge including peppers + an onion + some ginger + a few cloves of garlic + vegetable stock granules/salt and pepper.


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