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peppergirl, on 25/11/2005 02:05am

Hi Mamta,

I was wondering how long to cook the limes/lemons in your 2 recipes for hot & sweet lime/lemon pickles if not using a pressure cooker, or to what degree of doneness

Cook ...... in a pressure cooker for two whistles or 2-3 minutes.

I tried the quick recipe and I think the lemon peel is too hard.


Mamta, on 25/11/2005 11:54am

I guess it is one of those situations where you will have to watch over it as it cooks. I would cook it briskly for 10 minutes or so. The skins should be soft but not too soft that they disintegrate when you touch them. Lime skins take a bit longer than lemon skins, which are much softer.

If it is undercooked, it will soften up as pickle matures, in a few weeks. For example, when I make a plain Lemon/Lime Pickle, I never cook the limes, just let it mature by itself in a few months. Hope this helps.


peppergirl, on 25/11/2005 04:22pm

Thnks.I will try your suggestions.

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