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kennyliza, on 20/11/2005 06:11pm

Hi Mamta,

Do you have a recipe for carrot halwa. I once had it made for me by an Indian friend, but when I tried out her recipe myself at home, it just did not come out quite the same as hers. for a start she said i should boil the carrots in milk until the milk dries up altogether. but if you do this, you end up with white solid bits left over from the milk, which is not the same as hers. there were no white bits in hers! can you help?

Mamta, on 21/11/2005 06:13am

Your friend's way of making halwa is the traditional, old fashioned way and it takes a very long time to make. If you want it to be like hers exactly, you can ask her for her exact recipe, but basically you do what she says. Boil grated carrots briskly in full fat milk, until all milk is gone. You sweeten it and add safron/ green cardamom powder and a few shredded almonds and unsalted pistachios. Carrot halwa often has white, grainy bits of condensed milk or 'Khoa' in it.

I make Carrot halwa as


Low fat version

Most sweet shops make it like the version 10084.


Aditi, on 17/12/2005 08:50pm


It brings back memories! Delicious!! You have some good recipes here Mamta!

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